First Post

This is the fourth blog I’ve started. Maybe it will be the one that sticks.  I’m writing this for myself, as a way to keep track of my goals and progress.

So often I say to myself, “I’d like to be the kind of person who (fill in the blank).” The kind of person who meditates everyday, does yoga every morning, takes a walk in the evening. The kind of person who is always kind, the mother who is always patient, the wife who is always loving.  I’d like to finally read all those books piling up next to my bed. I’d like to stop craving junk food and want to eat real food, made from scratch meals. I’d like to kick the caffeine habit.  I want to be more focused at work, stay in touch with all my friends, have a clean house, remember to write thank you notes.  I wish I knew more about wine and gardening and what’s going on in my toddler’s head.  I wish I could sing. I wish I wasn’t tired all the time. I want to be the kind of person who is content with the kind of person she is.

So many wants and wishes. Most of which I have the power to make reality. But who has the time? Or the patience? I stare at that stack of books every evening, thinking “I should really start reading that one about child development.” Before turning to Netflix to watch some crappy TV, usually some show I’ve already seen! Seriously.

So this blog is for me to hold myself accountable for the way I’m spending my time.  I’m going to set a few reasonable goals and record my progress here.  Hopefully I’ll remember and this blog won’t suffer the same fate as its predecessors.


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